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 Official: Regulations, Ranks, and Recruitment

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Official: Regulations, Ranks, and Recruitment Empty
PostSubject: Official: Regulations, Ranks, and Recruitment   Official: Regulations, Ranks, and Recruitment Icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2011 12:16 am

Located below is the OFFICIAL thread for Regulations, Ranks, and Recruitment. This is NEVER to change, so it is crucial to keep this in mind.

I. Regulations:
a. Uniforms:
-Uniforms are given to each member (respected or available). You, as a member of Un1tedclan, are subjected to one (1) uniform. Some members may receive up to ten (10) uniforms, as they are given permission by a general, or myself for distribution.
-To see our official uniforms, please visit: Announcements > Official: Pking Uniforms
b. Rules
-You, as a member of Un1tedclan, are in agreement with our Rules or any further policies related to this clan.
-To see our official post, please visit: Announcements >Official: Clan Rules/Policies

II. Ranks:

a. How to get a rank:
-Our ranking system varies per area that applies (It is different in the clan chat, then it is on the website), so a rank may vary on dedication required.

III. Recruitment:

a. How to Recruit:
-Our clan allows people to spam our name (Un1tedprayer or Un1tedclan) for people to join. This requires a spambot, which I have made my own: here
b. Benefits of Recruiting:
-Recruiting gives you the chance to get higher ranks, win prizes, and have an extra member to help you kill
c. What to Say When Recruiting:
-Spammers: "glow2:wave:[70 and up] ====>Un1tedprayer<==== [70 and up]"
-Person-to-Person: We do not BS or betray any members. We allow anyone above the level of 70.
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Official: Regulations, Ranks, and Recruitment
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