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 OFFICIAL: Clan Pking Uniform

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Un1ted Brid


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PostSubject: OFFICIAL: Clan Pking Uniform   Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:30 am

Every single clan member will be required to have the following items to pk in the clan.

1. Black Magic Hat
2. Priest gown (top and bottom)
3. amulet for the skill you are using (magic amulet for magic, power amulet for range, strength amulet for strength)
4. Weapon of your choice. ex. maple short, rune scimitar, and any staff.
5. Team 4 Cape
6. Red gloves. Captains and Generals will have gold gloves.

Captains and Generals must wear the same gear but ONLY They are only aloud to wear gold gloves to identify they are the higher rank.

You may talk to Un1tedPrayer or me ingame and we will give you 1, and only 1, free outfit. If you lose it by any chance you must buy your next set of gear from us.

Any questions? Feel free pm me or talk to me or un1tedprayer in the CC "un1tedprayer"


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PostSubject: Re: OFFICIAL: Clan Pking Uniform   Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:36 am

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OFFICIAL: Clan Pking Uniform
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