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 Process of Donations

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Process of Donations Empty
PostSubject: Process of Donations   Process of Donations Icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 8:12 am

We are starting to accept donations from all members.
Donations are something that you want to give but not needed so
please don't give away something you want/need...

Also Donating will be tied in with the point system that is also talked
about on the forums.

Accepted Donations are listed and they are:
Armour(Iron to Rune)
Weapons(Iron to Rune)
Arrows(Bolts are also accepted)
Runes(Elemental and Combat)

All Donations go to the admins of the clan so they may handle and
dispute the money between clan members.

If your are not an Admin and a clan member gives you the donation
money because he or she does not know who or where clan admins
is please tell an admin as soon as possible so you do not get in any trouble!

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PostSubject: Re: Process of Donations   Process of Donations Icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 4:51 am


Money is to be reported to Me (Un1tedprayer or Un1tedclan) ONLY. Any money given to another admin is not a formal donation, and therefore is not accepted into our donations.
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Process of Donations
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