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chris mcq

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PostSubject: FASTEST RUNESCAPE 1-99 FISHING GUIDE (p2p and f2p)    Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:48 am

This guide will teach you how to get 99 fishing in runescape as fast as possible or 99fishing with making millions on the way. this guide is for f2p and p2p players.


level 1 - 20
tools - small fishing net
go the grand exchange or the nearest fishing shop for supply's to get you started.
now go to draynor just south west of the bank and fish. fish there for shrimp and anchovies. this is a good spot because the bank is so close to the fish.

level 20 - 50 or 99.
tools: fly fishing rod, feathers
now is time to catch trout!
trout are good for up until 40 were you get lobsters, the only reason lobsters are better is that they are worth more money. fishing trout and salmon in either the area above or the area below is the fastest exp for a F2P person.

level 50 - 99 (alternative money maker)
tools - Harpoon
this method of fishing is very long and boring but can make over 30million gp on the way to 99fishing. I highly recommend you use swordfish gloves from fist of guthix doing this method as it doubles the experience you gain, this saves hours of time. you can fish swordfish at karamja, just get a boat from port sarim and you will be there in no time.

GOOD LUCK ON 99 FISHING Smile. i dont have 99fishing myself but have over 7 years experiance on rs and i got all my fishing in f2p.


level 1 - 50
so to begin we will follow the guide above up to level 50

the best place at this moment is to fish at catherby and bank. you should do this until 62 when you can fish monkfish( only if you have done the swan song quest) they are the best xp money combination to 99 but lobsters are still close behind. once you hit 68 leave catherby and head to the fishing guild. Once at the fishing guild fish at the “h” dock and bank.

there is the other straight up exp option of trout and salmon again but this time you have the option of shilo village if you finish the quest.
well there you have it, it’s as easy as that. Now work your way up to 99 fishing and a big congratulations!! for when u get ther Very Happy

thankyou for viewing Smile <3

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